Weequahic  Park ​​Sports Authority

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For over 8 years, Weequahic Park Sports Authority (a non-profit and Essex County Park Conservancy) has developed a series of programs and projects targeted to provide fundamentals of various sports/recreation activities along with restorative enhancements to Essex County’s Historical Weequahic Park community.

We are proud to have founded/spearheaded a diverse park and community restoration efforts:

· Essex County Parks Leagues i.e. Baseball, Boxing, Football, Tennis

· Weequahic Park Capital Improvements (Newly proposed Sports Fields i.e. Football, Soccer, two Baseball/Softball Fields,    and Olympic Running Track)

· Community Enhancement Events – Family Kite Day, 4th of July Spark in the Park (sports exhibition),

   Father’s Day Jazz Night, and much more

· Restoration of Judge T. Booker’s Handball Court, Playgrounds

· Tree Restoration

· Sports and Recreation Summer Camp