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      The CDC safety procedures & guidelines will be strictly enforced. 

Weequahic Park Sports Authority

Community Covid Outreach  

As a community organization,we do understand and have come to experience the devastating effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic which has placed many hardships on families and neighborhoods.


Our efforts is to provide the reinforcements and strengthen support in a cooperative format with community stakeholders, institutions, residents and others to focus on relief efforts during these    difficult times has shown to be a successful accomplishment. 

 In March of 2020, WPSA is proud to have joined the efforts of working  with a collective group of local residents and partners.

Together Weequahic Park Environmental, Essex County Parks, South Newark and others have volunteered personal hours of our time to provided resources to thousands of families from March of 2020 to Current. 


  The South Newark Covid 19 Food Relief Program was borned and the cooperative of like minds, which designed a local hub of supportive community initiative to help reduced the hardship placed on families suffering from food insecurities and basic life supplies due to  the Covid 19 Crisis became a helping hand to those in need of assistance .  

To date these joint efforts created a way to logistically transport food to homes for seniors, adults and children in need.

The redistribution of relief items which would of went to waste became a major asset to areas with limited access to food and resources. 

  To have an equal availability of access to relief items in multiple neighborhoods became the goal and mission; with the success of achieving our goal. .   


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"weequahic park has become a home away from home for families to socialize, relax, unwind, and enjoy life in our urban suburban community park located in newark, nj! "

by Douglas Freeman

Weequahic  Park ​​Sports Authority

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